Client Contract


I understand and agree to all of the following:

1. It's Just Cuddles operates as a legal professional cuddling service. We offer therapeutic, non-sexual, cuddle sessions and date experiences.
2. Professional Cuddlers are not escorts or sex workers.
3. No sexual activities or inappropriate conduct is permitted.
4. Both parties agree not to suggest, pursue, encourage, or engage in any inappropriate behavior leading to sexual arousal. Including, but not limited to: Fetish, kissing, partial/full nudity, and/or touching of private areas.
5. For the mutual comfort level, both parties agree to practice consent, communication, and attention to personal boundaries at all times. Either party may end the session at any time.
6. All appointments must go through It's Just Cuddles. Bookings can be made via online form, e-mail, or phone call.
7. For the safety of our Cuddlers: they know all necessary information regarding sessions, must communicate as requested, and are permitted to carry any non-lethal personal defense item.
8. Cleanliness and adequate hygiene is required by both parties at all times. Including: showering and brushing teeth prior to session, freshly laundered clothing, any specific requests regarding fragrance use, and refrain from smoking.
9. The client agrees hereby to indemnify and hold harmless It's Just Cuddles LLC from any and all claims by the client which may arise out of and in the course of the service. The client releases It's Just Cuddles LLC from any liability.
10. No specific information regarding the client will ever be shared with another party outside of what is outlined in this agreement unless I, as the client, give written or e-mail permission to It's Just Cuddles LLC for a specific purpose.