Best Cuddling Service in Columbus Ohio

Best Cuddling Service in Columbus Ohio

Best Cuddling Service in Columbus OhioBest Cuddling Service in Columbus Ohio

 Welcome to it's Just Cuddles - Cuddling Service - Cuddle therapy

Cuddle Therapy

Cuddle Therapy Heals

List of Benefits

 Decreased stress and increased relaxation

Lessened depression

Lessened anxiety and social anxiety

Improved social skills

Improved self-esteem

Improved sleep

Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

Reduced risk of heart disease

Improved immune system and faster recovery

Protection against inflammation and oxidation stress

Pain relief and raised pain threshold

Reduced drug cravings

Lessened PTSD


Meet Kristin:

Professional Cuddler

Servicing Columbus Ohio


Sunday 4PM to 8AM

Monday 4PM to 8AM

Tuesday 4PM to 8AM

Wednesday 4PM to 8AM

Thursday 4PM to 8AM

Friday 4PM to 8AM

Saturday 4PM to 8AM

– Height 5’6”, Early 40’s

– Red Hair
– Green Eyes

About Me

I am a people person and a great listener. I love to cuddle and am a great communicator.

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Cuddling Service

Meet Janey:

Professional Cuddler

 Servicing Columbus Ohio 


Per your request

– Height 5’6”, Mid 50’s

– Blonde Hair
– Brown Eyes

About Me

I am a divorced semi-retired dietitian who worked as a healthcare provider for nearly 28 years. My three children are grown with no grandchildren yet. I fully believe in the wellness benefits of affection, human touch, companionship, and sharing interests and hobbies. I’m an easy-going positive person and very accepting of others. I am slim, soft, and fit. I take care of myself and have excellent personal hygiene from my teeth to my toenails.

​"I prefer no strong scented deodorant, detergent, air freshener, or cologne."

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